Thursday, January 29, 2009


A little voice in the back of my head has been telling me that I need to get my butt over to blog ASAP!!! I am! It probably isn't a good time to blog. I woke up @ 1:30AM and like every morning, I hop on the scale to see if the previous days suffering showed up on the scale! Much to my surprise...I HAVE GAINED ANOTHER POUND????? How can this be?? That makes 3 this week! I am watching what I eat, trying to exercise every day...even if for only 20 minutes...I figure it is something right? I have been trying to fit my water in too! Granted I am not as dedicated as I was week 1 but why am I gaining????

Ok...moving on! (That subject will only make me angrier!!!)

Thought I would share a bit about what has been going on in my house! I called into work Tuesday night. I had a bit of an ear ache which is still kinda bothering me. I wonder if it is actually my ear or could it be the tooth that broke off in November coming back to haunt me. I had gone to the dentist when it first happened. He wanted me to come back in January for a friggin root canal! I HATE THE DENTIST!!!! After taking a 3 hour nap yesterday, I woke up about 5 (in time to pick Andy up from his Academic meet)Dean informs me that the administrator from work called. This bothers me a bit as the only time she calls, is when I have done something wrong. Maybe they want to fire me 4 calling in??? Guess I will try to call her back today.

I took my Mom into town yesterday morning. We had to get some things from the store. I want so badly to wash our sheets as I love the way fresh sheets smell and Dean has been it is GREATLY needed! I had to find something to do Kate's project with. She has been assigned a 3D Solar System. Lucky enough, I ran into some neat little pom pom balls and we set er all up last night. Looks Great! (I will post pics soon!) I got another report card from Andy's school. I am sooooooooooo frustrated with this kid! He now has 3 Fs?!?! We have talked to him til we are blue in the face. The teachers email me and tell me that if he would only apply himself...his grades would be phenomenal. That is the word his reading teacher used. We all know how smart he is but for some reason...he doesn't care!

We watched a great movie last night. It was one of those from the Red Box that was an iffy choice. In fact the first half of the movie the kids (not me) thought it was kinda stupid. It turned out to be really good! The name of it was Black Out! It bothered me for about the first 10 minutes of the movie but the chick that plays one of the lead rolls was Tibby in Sisterhood of the traveling pants!
Now...lastly, here are some of my recent layouts!

I was listening to myspace music and Taylor Swift's "white horse" came on. This is one of my favorite songs and from behind me I heard my little girl singing every word. (I swear she is a mini-me!!!)Everything from Kim Hill's Slumber Party Kit.
This is my layout for the week of January 18-24. I really like the way it turned out. I found this great new kit from JanaM which works great for my weekly layouts. A lot of the girls are doing the pic a day for 365 but I haven't dedicated that much time although I think it is a great idea!
I found these great fabulists from Maya(the one I used is from Vol. 2) and I am so hooked on them! I decided to use JanaM's Color Me Happy kit to bring it to life!! I love movies and how perfect was this one for me??? She has a couple more sets I need to add to my collection!
I used Jennifer Trippetti's All things Americana for this one on my feelings toward our new president!
Love this one of Kate using Trippetti's Deep in the Forest kit. This also includes the beautiful word art of Natali's! I am loving her collection 1-8 and hope there is more to come!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Trying to keep with my weekly journaling. This is my LO for last week. It was kind of a blah week. Next week it will be a little easier to scrap!

What has happened so far this week? Kate got her egg at school. She has been so excited about this project. She named her egg Kaylie. I'm not sure how long they keep these little guys but Kate is having fun while it lasts. Last night we glued the hair on. She decorated the bed really cute too. A couple of the boys at school have already smashed theirs! LOLL

Yesterday was SUCH an amazing day for us AND our country. I found myself glued to the TV watching history in the making. It gives me a sense of peace and I think our future looks bright! I think Barack and his family are great role models for the American people and as far as the "anti-christ" talk goes???


There is something honest in his face, when he speaks. I have NEVER EVER EVER gotten involved in ANYTHING political and I admit I didn't even vote but since election day...and I did want him to win before but I have learned to LOVE this guy and more than that...I trust him!

We are in good hands!

Can't wait 4 the future!

Now...with that said, tonight I pick the kids up from Academic Team practice/Science club and we are headed to town to pick up Kate's basketball shoes. Tomorrow is her first game and she is pretty excited.

I am excited to be off tonight. I have been ON the last 4 nights and it was hard to push myself to work last night but GOD KNOWS I need the money!

Dean is still not working so I hope that you will pray (with me) that something comes along soon! It will be so nice to have some extra money.

I have gotten in a rut with my diet/exercise. I am not near as motivated but hopefully I can get back on the wagon. I need to go weigh...maybe that will motivate me????

Monday, January 12, 2009

Why does the weekend always go so fast????

Another week has gone by! Isn't it crazy how fast life goes. It seems I am always so busy and life just passes me by. Here lately..and maybe it is due to my recent 33rd birthday, but I have been wondering alot about life and if I have taken all the right roads or if there are some things I should change before it's too late!

specifically? My relationship. I haven't been COMPLETELY happy for years and I wonder if maybe it is time to take another road. At the same time, I have hopes to repair the current relationship as we do have 8 years under our belt.

How long is too long to wait 4 a change??????

Well!!! Now that I have that off of my chest! I feel soooooooo much better! (Not really) On a brighter note...I did get some scrappin done this weekend!

First is my weekly journal. Can you believe I am still doing it???? I actually love it! I have always liked keeping a journal anyway. Wouldn't it be awesome to have them all printed at the end of the year????

This week, Andy had his first academic team meet. Kate had a birthday/slumber party on Saturday. Dean and I had a night to ourselves and went out to eat. We even went to Wallys and didn't get into a single arguement til later that night! LOLL

The big news this week? I have officially started my diet! I have healthy food in the house, I am counting calories, bought me 2 new hand weights (can't for the life of me find my old ones...but I think Andy has something to do with that). I bought the 2 new Biggest Loser DVDs. 1 is Yoga and the other is Boot Camp. There is so much work on your legs. Every time I sit down...I feel it! A LOT!!!!

I am hoping to get down a couple sizes by summer so I don't feel like a Hippo!

These next 2 layouts are for my Disney book. Can't wait to get that book done!!!! It will cost a fortune to get it printed but it will be worth it to me!

The last day at our pool house was so sad as we had to start packing all of our bags and the end of our PERFECT vacation was nearing an end!
The last supper! Wendy's and Long John Silvers. It was really 2 die for! That was the best dang frosty I think I have ever had. I would like to have 1 right now...but I am too busy starving myself! UGH!!!! (I knew there was a reason I never dieted!)
Still dunno about this one. I used Jennifer Trippetti's Monkey Boy kit. The picture was taken on the first day of school in 2007.
This is also for my Disney book. The last page of the Epcot series.
I spent a lot of money this weekend on scrap stuff!!!! (shhhh it's our little secret!!!)

What did I buy????

From Britt-ish Designs (yup there are still a few items of hers that I don't have):
Happiest Dots On Earth (not sure why I didn't already have these)
My Ribbon Jar
Label Tape Alpha
Used And Abused #2
Scratchy Solids

From Natali (now I have collections 1-7):
Playing With Word Art #7

From Gina Marie Huff:
Life 365 Date It

Oh...and I almost forgot! I was selected as a guest for the month of March for Dawn Inskip!!!!!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

It is official I have NO life!!!!!

My computer was nice enough to allow me to create 4 new layouts!!!! Wee-Hee!!!! Since we have moved into this house, my computer has been screwed (to say the least). Dean has spent many a long night working on it and he will get it up and going and then it crashes again. I keep telling myself that I will buy myself a new one! I just wish I had the money to do so!!!! (always seems to be a problem!!!) I am just lucky enough to have been able to retrieve all of my pictures and scrap supplies through it all! I truly believe that I would have to be in lock down if I were to lose everything. Non-scrappers probably think I am crazy but for all you scrappers???


I wanted to create a couple (non-traditional) XMAS layouts. I
have all these great designs to work
with...why not use a colorful kit without the reds and greens and silvers and golds??? It amazes me how my scrapping style has changed over the years. I love when I get a LO done and think...WOW..thats not too shabby!!!!

I was lucky enough to join the CT of Jennifer Trippetti and guest for the month of January for Jana M!!!! So working with some new designers...I couldn't forget about the oldies but STILL goodies. Kim Hill has this gorgeous new kit Elliott and I have had Party Season from Lindsay Jane forever but hadn't gotten around to scrapping with it. It is a HUGE kit and I love to embelly the heck out of things so I have had a lot of fun with it.

The 3rd page uses JT Tweet and how
awesome it was to create a page with
my favorite little birds!!!

My last page here is this weeks journaling page. I would have posted sooner but I had a couple days where
I was pretty scrapless due to this stupid computer!!!!

Now...I spec I should be off to bed and I am sooooooooo on the Blog Train tomorrow @ DST!!! I love to see what everyone else is scrapping!!!!

You all are so inspire me so much!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back 2 Work

So I was fortunate enough to get a 3 day the middle of the week! Last night was my last night off now I have 4 on! UGH!!! Why does time go so fast????? I sure did enjoy my nights off though! On New Year's Eve, I stayed at home (like I do every year...mainly cuz I have no life) and watched the ball drop with my kiddies. We all enjoyed the New Year's Eve show with Taylor Swift, David Cook, Daughtry and the Jonas Brothers! It was a good show. It is sad to see Dick Clark now. Wow, I remember watching that guy when I was growing up.

Makes me feel really old! I am glad he was still able to do a part of the show at least!

On New Year's Day, we had planned a game night. I made cheese dip and my Mom came over. Mom and I and the kids played lots of games. (Dean doesn't play games...or watch movies or come to think about it...he doesn't like to do anything fun!) Our favorite game was Scattegories. It was the only game we didn't get into a fight about. LOLLL I like Pictionary really well but my Mom is kinda slow and the kids didn't want to be on her team! So that didn't go well. Anyway...I will plan better for next time!!!

Yesterday? Let's see what did I do yesterday?

SCRAP!!!! I scrapped almost all day. I am hell bent on getting this Vacation book done. I am getting really close now!

Here are just a few I created!

This one I made using Jennifer Trippetti's kit I like it loud. Such an awesome little kit and I am always looking for new "boy" kits!
I love my Kennedy layouts! I bought this cute little kit I have had my eye on for months! It is called Spaced Out by Nit Wit.
I love this picture of the kids walking into Epcot. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I believe everything I used on this layout was from Britt-ish Designs.
Is it obvious I am going through a worn/torn phase??? I LOVE it! Love the picture of the kids with the dwarfs!

Clearwater Beach!!!! (Take me away!!!)
Page one of my character pages. I used elements from Brit and also from this freebie my bud Kim offered up a few days ago! GET YOURS HERE!