Thursday, January 29, 2009


A little voice in the back of my head has been telling me that I need to get my butt over to blog ASAP!!! I am! It probably isn't a good time to blog. I woke up @ 1:30AM and like every morning, I hop on the scale to see if the previous days suffering showed up on the scale! Much to my surprise...I HAVE GAINED ANOTHER POUND????? How can this be?? That makes 3 this week! I am watching what I eat, trying to exercise every day...even if for only 20 minutes...I figure it is something right? I have been trying to fit my water in too! Granted I am not as dedicated as I was week 1 but why am I gaining????

Ok...moving on! (That subject will only make me angrier!!!)

Thought I would share a bit about what has been going on in my house! I called into work Tuesday night. I had a bit of an ear ache which is still kinda bothering me. I wonder if it is actually my ear or could it be the tooth that broke off in November coming back to haunt me. I had gone to the dentist when it first happened. He wanted me to come back in January for a friggin root canal! I HATE THE DENTIST!!!! After taking a 3 hour nap yesterday, I woke up about 5 (in time to pick Andy up from his Academic meet)Dean informs me that the administrator from work called. This bothers me a bit as the only time she calls, is when I have done something wrong. Maybe they want to fire me 4 calling in??? Guess I will try to call her back today.

I took my Mom into town yesterday morning. We had to get some things from the store. I want so badly to wash our sheets as I love the way fresh sheets smell and Dean has been it is GREATLY needed! I had to find something to do Kate's project with. She has been assigned a 3D Solar System. Lucky enough, I ran into some neat little pom pom balls and we set er all up last night. Looks Great! (I will post pics soon!) I got another report card from Andy's school. I am sooooooooooo frustrated with this kid! He now has 3 Fs?!?! We have talked to him til we are blue in the face. The teachers email me and tell me that if he would only apply himself...his grades would be phenomenal. That is the word his reading teacher used. We all know how smart he is but for some reason...he doesn't care!

We watched a great movie last night. It was one of those from the Red Box that was an iffy choice. In fact the first half of the movie the kids (not me) thought it was kinda stupid. It turned out to be really good! The name of it was Black Out! It bothered me for about the first 10 minutes of the movie but the chick that plays one of the lead rolls was Tibby in Sisterhood of the traveling pants!
Now...lastly, here are some of my recent layouts!

I was listening to myspace music and Taylor Swift's "white horse" came on. This is one of my favorite songs and from behind me I heard my little girl singing every word. (I swear she is a mini-me!!!)Everything from Kim Hill's Slumber Party Kit.
This is my layout for the week of January 18-24. I really like the way it turned out. I found this great new kit from JanaM which works great for my weekly layouts. A lot of the girls are doing the pic a day for 365 but I haven't dedicated that much time although I think it is a great idea!
I found these great fabulists from Maya(the one I used is from Vol. 2) and I am so hooked on them! I decided to use JanaM's Color Me Happy kit to bring it to life!! I love movies and how perfect was this one for me??? She has a couple more sets I need to add to my collection!
I used Jennifer Trippetti's All things Americana for this one on my feelings toward our new president!
Love this one of Kate using Trippetti's Deep in the Forest kit. This also includes the beautiful word art of Natali's! I am loving her collection 1-8 and hope there is more to come!


Zippizip said...

Gee what a day! My wife is the night owl - I'm falling asleep at my computer at 11 pm. Love the list layout - don't know if I could narrow a list to 10 favorite movies though!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

Anonymous said...

Love the journaling on the top page!

audrey neal said...

great layouts -- love how you make so much room for journaling on them!

you ought to check out some of the journaling challenges over at

Unknown said...

Big High Five for the weightloss, sorry its not going so well this week. I need to get my hinney in gear also. I think I need a weight loss buddy or something.. because Im crap at motivating myself.

fabby LO's..

Craft Tea Lady said...

Cute, Cute, Cute LOs!

I hear ya on the weight... blah, it just is a battle.

LuAnn said...

beautiful layouts!!! I hear you on the gym and gaining! I've avoided the gym since Sunday because I'm not making any progress with any weight loss and it's very frustrating. much like you, I'm eating better, drinking water and exercising but nada! grrrrrr....

Ava in Wonderland said...

Your LO's are great! I'll have to check that movie out also!