Monday, January 12, 2009

Why does the weekend always go so fast????

Another week has gone by! Isn't it crazy how fast life goes. It seems I am always so busy and life just passes me by. Here lately..and maybe it is due to my recent 33rd birthday, but I have been wondering alot about life and if I have taken all the right roads or if there are some things I should change before it's too late!

specifically? My relationship. I haven't been COMPLETELY happy for years and I wonder if maybe it is time to take another road. At the same time, I have hopes to repair the current relationship as we do have 8 years under our belt.

How long is too long to wait 4 a change??????

Well!!! Now that I have that off of my chest! I feel soooooooo much better! (Not really) On a brighter note...I did get some scrappin done this weekend!

First is my weekly journal. Can you believe I am still doing it???? I actually love it! I have always liked keeping a journal anyway. Wouldn't it be awesome to have them all printed at the end of the year????

This week, Andy had his first academic team meet. Kate had a birthday/slumber party on Saturday. Dean and I had a night to ourselves and went out to eat. We even went to Wallys and didn't get into a single arguement til later that night! LOLL

The big news this week? I have officially started my diet! I have healthy food in the house, I am counting calories, bought me 2 new hand weights (can't for the life of me find my old ones...but I think Andy has something to do with that). I bought the 2 new Biggest Loser DVDs. 1 is Yoga and the other is Boot Camp. There is so much work on your legs. Every time I sit down...I feel it! A LOT!!!!

I am hoping to get down a couple sizes by summer so I don't feel like a Hippo!

These next 2 layouts are for my Disney book. Can't wait to get that book done!!!! It will cost a fortune to get it printed but it will be worth it to me!

The last day at our pool house was so sad as we had to start packing all of our bags and the end of our PERFECT vacation was nearing an end!
The last supper! Wendy's and Long John Silvers. It was really 2 die for! That was the best dang frosty I think I have ever had. I would like to have 1 right now...but I am too busy starving myself! UGH!!!! (I knew there was a reason I never dieted!)
Still dunno about this one. I used Jennifer Trippetti's Monkey Boy kit. The picture was taken on the first day of school in 2007.
This is also for my Disney book. The last page of the Epcot series.
I spent a lot of money this weekend on scrap stuff!!!! (shhhh it's our little secret!!!)

What did I buy????

From Britt-ish Designs (yup there are still a few items of hers that I don't have):
Happiest Dots On Earth (not sure why I didn't already have these)
My Ribbon Jar
Label Tape Alpha
Used And Abused #2
Scratchy Solids

From Natali (now I have collections 1-7):
Playing With Word Art #7

From Gina Marie Huff:
Life 365 Date It

Oh...and I almost forgot! I was selected as a guest for the month of March for Dawn Inskip!!!!!



Juli Fish said...

Great Blog! I really like your layouts, especially the Disney ones. As for making changes - you can make a change at any time. Think little steps, like congratulating yourself for making it this far on your resolutions. You are already making changes! See!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts.... I'm on a diet too.... lost 20lbs so far, and have 40 more to go!! Good luck with yours.. Have a great week!

Tiffani K said...

Love your blog! I am living healthier (not saying the d word) and wish you luck! Love your non traditional Christmas layouts too!

Azrood said...

Great layouts! Those BL dvds are dangerous, lol! I did one on Friday and today is the first day that I can actually walk like a normal person again. :)

Anonymous said...

great blog! I need to hop on the diet bandwagon too!

Anonymous said...

You've shared some great layouts.

My advice on the personal end of things is never to settle. I did, regretted it, finally got out and am now so beyond-the-moon happy.

Ava in Wonderland said...

Lovely LO's! Good luck with the diet!